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5 October - World Teachers Day: "Recovery Begins with Teachers"

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Every year, UNESCO celebrates World Teachers' Day on 5th October. This year, UNESCO is organizing events on this occasion with the theme "Recovery Begins with Teachers".

Day after day, in classes across the world, teachers bring knowledge to life.

Through the lenses of photojournalists, the virtual exhibition, “Tribute to Teachers”, presents snapshots of teachers exercising their profession in difficult circumstances – in remote rural communities, in zones recovering from conflict, in areas struck by natural disasters. They show teachers working with migrants, refugees, with children from nomadic families or with special needs.

Every year, World Teachers’ Day pays homage to teachers and their impact, recognizes their working conditions, and the need for teachers around the world.To celebrate the profession and bring attention to its state on a global level, UNESCO is hosting events at its Paris headquarters on 5 October 2010, that highlight the role that teachers play in reconstruction and recovery from crises of all kinds – natural, humanitarian, social or economic. Indonesian actress and producer Christine Hakim, who serves as the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Teacher Education in South-East Asia, will join teachers from around the world to celebrate World Teachers’ Day and to emphasize the work of those performing their profession in emergency situations.

Both the “Tribute to Teachers” exhibition, which will be inaugurated by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, and the Official World Teachers’ Day Ceremony, chaired by UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education, will be available online via podcast, video interviews and a virtual exhibition.The day’s activities will also include presentations of the latest statistics on teachers; initiatives to promote excellence in teaching; developments from the Task Force on Teachers for Education For All; teacher education activities of the UN Relief and Works Agency, and discussion on how new technologies can accelerate teacher development.


World Teachers’ Day – 5 October 2010

The photography exhibit, “Tribute to Teachers” at UNESCO headquarters runs through 19 November 2010

to visit the virtual galler, please click here. The photos in this virtual exhibition are copyrighted. Using the images in any context other than the virtual exhibition is not permitted.

To read the Joint Message from the Heads of UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO and Education International on this occasion, please click here.




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