21.09.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Al-Hadba Minaret: UNESCO to protect the icon in Mosul

Al-Hadba Minaret in Mosul © UNESCO Iraq 2012

The old city of Mosul, widely known for its manufacture of Muslin and its unique marble, is also home to many important Iraqi heritage sites. As part of UNESCO’s mandate to assist the Government of Iraq and safeguard its cultural heritage, UNESCO Iraq Director Mohamed Djelid met on 20 September 2012 with Ninewa Governor Aseel Abdel Aziz Al Nujaifi to sign an agreement under which UNESCO will help in preserving one of the region's historical icons: Al Hadba Minaret.

Under the newly signed "Executive Cooperation Programme for the Study and Documentation for the stability and conservation of Al-Hadba Minaret", UNESCO will undertake a comprehensive research of the materials, geological bedding and structural analysis during a 12 month period funded by the governorate, before deciding on the type of treatment that should be applied.

The Al Hadba minaret is the most outstanding feature of the Great Nurid Mosque built in 1172 in Mosul. The minaret has been leaning 253 cm off the perpendicular axe for several years, suffering from serious structural weakness and risks of collapsing. It is feared that the leaning minaret, that has brought fame to the city of Mosul, may soon collapse if measures to save it are not taken.

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