24.07.2011 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Another step towards the development of the National Education Strategy for Iraq

© UNESCO Iraq Attendees of the Simulation Workshop for the development of the Iraq National Education Strategy. 20-22 July 2011.

UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, organised a “Simulation Workshop” from 20 to 22 July 2011 as part of their commitment to assist the Government of Iraq in the development of the Iraq National Education Strategy (INES).

The workshop, held in Amman, focused on Simulation Models that will contribute to the integration of the enrolment and cost projections of general and higher education into the strategy analysis, to show the impact of enrolment expansion and the cost implications of the sector strategy and its financial sustainability.

Statisticians and experts from the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research and Finance as well as international experts discussed projection and simulation models in line with international standards. The final conclusions will be presented at a six-day technical meeting aiming to review the strategic framework for education in Iraq. The two consecutive workshops are part of a continuous capacity building process that has seen UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank joining forces to support Iraqi authorities in the development of the INES.

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