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IIEP Advanced Training Programme in Educational Planning and Management: Apply now!

Next session starts 21 October 2013 / Application deadline is 31 May.

IIEP is now accepting applications for the 49th session of its Advanced Training Programme (ATP) in Educational Planning and Management. The 2013/2014 ATP will be held from 21 October 2013 to 27 June 2014.

The ATP is an intensive 8-month programme leading to a professional certificate at the Diploma or Master's level. Delivered in English and French in a blended mode (at a distance and in Paris), the ATP contributes to the creation of sustainable institutional and organizational capacity at the service of education progress. The programme covers skills and practices supporting educational development and reform in participants' home countries, with an emphasis on relevance and applicability. In this way, the ATP reinforces the capacity of education leaders, and their institutions, to prepare and implement education policies more successfully.

Who is invited to participate?

Applications are invited from individuals working in government institutions such as Ministries of Education, Finance, Planning, and Civil Service Commissions; from international and national NGOs; from national research and training institutions; and from universities in UNESCO Member States. Personnel from international cooperation agencies wishing to upgrade their skills or prepare for a professional reorientation are also welcome to apply. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience at the central or regional administrative level or in research and training related to education planning and management. Female candidates will be given priority access to the ATP in the case of equal admissions qualifications.

Other training

For interested candidates for whom an 8-month training course is impracticable, IIEP offers two alternatives leading to diplomas or certificates, as follows:

· The Education Sector Planning programme (ESP): The ESP combines an 8-week online learning phase with a 12-week residential training phase, providing participants with the fundamentals of educational planning: from education sector diagnosis to the preparation and monitoring of plan implementation.

· The Specialized Courses Programme (SCP): The SCP comprises 8 courses of two weeks each, grouped in two parallel streams: (1) Education Planning and Analysis, focusing on the analysis of information for decision-making, and (2) ‘Planning and Management’, on operational planning and implementation.

“I promise that I will put everything I learnt at IIEP to the benefit of my country and particularly its education system.” (ATP 2011/12 graduate and current Minister of Education, Haïti)

Apply now to the ATP at www.iiep.unesco.org/atp 

For further information, please contact tep(at)iiep.unesco.org

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