13.07.2011 - UNESCO Iraq Office

Iraqi experts meet in Erbil to discuss improving education in the country

© UNESCO IraqIraqi experts gather to discuss improving educational institutions in Iraq. 2-6 July 2011.

UNESCO Iraq held a workshop in Erbil from 2-6 July 2011 to gather Iraqi experts and discuss main findings of its functional review of the Iraqi Education Sector.

Thirteen Iraqi experts gathered in Erbil to review the main findings of a functional review of the Iraqi Education Sector that UNESCO Iraq conducted in partnership with the Government of Iraq within the framework of the Iraqi Public Sector Modernization Programme. During the five-day workshop the Iraqi participants also assessed the educational services offered in the country with the assistance of a team of international experts coordinated by UNESCO.

The Functional Review Discussion and Service Delivery Assessment Methodology Workshop, which took place from 2 to 6 July 2011, gathered senior experts from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research in Baghdad and Erbil. As part of its work supporting national institutions in their efforts to ensure access to quality education, UNESCO has organized a series of capacity building workshops to enable Iraqi participants to analyse the current structure of educational institutions. The findings of the report, together with the assessment of the service delivery model and costing of education in Iraq are expected to ensure that the future road map for reforming education appropriately addresses any existing gaps that hinder access to quality education for every Iraqi.

This workshop was organised by UNESCO in the framework of the I-PSM, a joint UN programme funded by the EU. UNESCO, as co-leader of the education sector reform programme along with UNICEF, aims jointly with other UN partners to support the Government of Iraq in modernizing its public sector by adopting a public sector reform strategy for all of government and launching its implementation.

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