19.02.2014 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Iraqi teachers trained on Active Learning methods

Iraqi teachers attending the training in Najaf © UNESCO Iraq 2014

In the framework of its "Teacher Training Programme for basic and secondary education", UNESCO Office for Iraq organized an extensive training for Math and science teachers to integrate active learning modules in classrooms using special packages that have been developed for this purpose.

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education in Baghdad, directorates of education in 12 governorates hosted from 2 to 13 February 2014 the special courses of this training that were performed by trained Iraqi supervisors.

"This training is a main pillar in UNESCO's Teacher Training Programme, as well as the national teacher training strategy that was launched in January 2014" stated UNESCO Project manager Dr. Khalil Elian. "21,000 Iraqi teachers will directly benefit from this training, as they will be capable to apply the recently developed packages to utilize active learning approach in their classrooms", added Dr. Elian, who also confirmed that "the integration of active learning methods and training teachers on these related techniques will lead to an inclusive educational modernization in Iraq".

Unlike traditional class teaching methods, active learning places the student at the centre of the entire learning process, while the teacher acts as a facilitator to this learning. This new approach allows for the student to generate the knowledge, and not only passively receive it, paving the way for a quality education with durable results. Through its various methods, this modern approach can also respond to the different learning needs of all the students rather than the majority, overcoming a main negative factor of traditional classroom education.

With the support of the "Education Above All" Foundation, the "Teacher Training Programme for Basic and Secondary Education" project aims to enhance the capacity of teachers to up‐grade their knowledge and skill in their respective fields through building the skills of trainers of teachers to deliver quality, pre‐service teacher education and in‐service training.

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