12.10.2011 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

IRCICA to host the first training on manuscript conservation

© UNESCO/Alexis N. Vorontzoff

In another effort to advance sustainable and local management of Iraqi cultural properties, monuments and institutions, UNESCO’s Culture sector is providing training to 9 officials from different governmental and private Iraqi institutions on advanced techniques of manuscript and paper preventive conservation and restoration from 26 – 28 October 2011.

The training aims to devise a long-term educational programme for management and conservation of documentary collections in Iraq and to improve the capacities of Iraqi libraries and manuscript centers in managing and preserving their documentary heritage. The training will be held at IRCICA; the Research Center for Islamic Art, History and Culture in Istanbul - Turkey; who will be providing all necessary materials, space, and technical facilities.

The trained team of experts will be the core taskforce transmitting the new skills to Iraqi libraries and museums' staff, in order to preserve the priceless collections of the Centre of Manuscripts, exceeding 50,000 documents, in addition to copies of the Koran and medieval works held by The Sunni and Shiite Endowments, and other manuscripts dating back to the early Islamic period.

Considered to be an additional achievement for UNESCO, this effort will contribute in restore the highly qualified Iraqi workforce in the different fields of restoration and conservation in order to complement the institutional rehabilitation of the Iraqi museum industry.

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