02.08.2011 -

Iraqi National Education Strategy summary to be completed in September 2011

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In the framework of the Iraqi National Education Strategy (INES) Technical Meeting organised in Amman from 23 to 29 July by UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, all partners agreed on the final structure of the INES summary and committed to finalizing the document by September 2011.

The seven-day Technical Meeting gathered representatives of the Deputy Prime Minister´s Office and the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research from Baghdad and Erbil. A group of experts in education from UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank were also present to assist Iraqi participants in the process of reviewing and completing the INES document.

Based on the outcome of the Simulation Workshop organised right before the meeting, participants discussed how enrolment and cost projections of general and higher education should be integrated into the strategy analysis, particularly concerning its future financial sustainability.

The review of the draft Strategy document that was submitted by the drafting committee prior to the meeting focused on the strategic framework and its linkage to future programmes to be implemented that will achieve the objectives included in the Strategy, which spans from 2012 until 2020. International experts and Agencies expressed their commitment to supporting the Government of Iraq in the review and completion of the INES document and in the way forward until the final draft summary document is submitted to the Higher Committee in September 2011.

The Technical Committee meeting is part of a continuous capacity building process that has seen UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank joining forces to support Iraqi authorities in the development of the INES.


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