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Partner Universities and institutions met in Erbil to discuss future activities of the Teacher Training Network for Iraq on October 20-21, 2010

©UNESCO IraqParticipants of the 3rd TTNI Steering Committee Meeting. Erbil, October 20-21, 2010

UNESCO Iraq Office organized the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the Teacher Training Network for Iraq (TTNI) in Erbil to review the implementation of teacher training activities as well as to explore the extension of the areas of cooperation among partner universities and Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq.

Participants included the deans of colleges of education and science of the universities of Basra, Baghdad, Salaheddin, al-Anbar, and representatives of the University of Alberta, University of Foggia, University of Cairo, University of Buckingham, University of Bangor, and University College of Dublin. Mr. Mohamed Djelid, Director of UNESCO Iraq Office, in his opening speech stressed the value of the network as tool for building institutional capacity in the field of teacher education including sharing information about teacher training activities, exchanging information and transferring know-how in the fields of specific subjects.

The Teacher Training Network for Iraq, connects 8 Iraqi Science and Education Colleges with international universities known for their well-developed Teacher Education programs, projects and services. The Network was launched in 2007 within the framework of Training of Trainers in Teacher Education for Sustained Quality Education project with funding provided by the European Union under the UNDG Iraqi Trust Fund. Almost 600 Lectures and Trainers have been trained within the TTNI on new teaching methodology and subject upgrade both in scientific and educational subjects.

One of the main outcomes of the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting was the institutionalization the multiplier effect trainings inside the Iraqi partner universities with the support of Ministry of Higher Education. The completed Training Packages for Science and Education were also presented during the Meeting. The packages, which are the result of collaborative work of a team of educators and scientists, will to assist Iraqi teacher trainers in the completion of trainings inside Iraq. Focusing on subject update and pedagogical approaches the completed packages offer an important support for secondary school teachers in both scientific and educational subjects including: Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Special Education, Fine Arts, Family Education, Peace and Democracy. 

As a result of the meeting further bilateral cooperation and partnerships among partner universities will be developed based on concrete coordination mechanisms that will enable involved ministries in expanding training activities for teachers and educators inside Iraq.   


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