16.07.2019 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Pilot application of a Competency Based Training (CBT) in framework on TVET project funded by the European Union


Within the framework of the TVET project funded by the European Union, pilot application of a Competency Based Training (CBT) approach in Iraq has been complete for the first time. Over the course of six months, the target group (306 unemployed individuals) were trained by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and successfully completed the competencies of the program.
On completion of the programme, UNESCO Iraq office organized a workshop on "Assessing the Competency-Based Training Program" in Erbil, to highlight the importance of documenting the outcomes of the eight vocational centers involved in delivery, and to evaluate of the impact of the program - verifying the programmes outcomes in the labor market, as well as documenting success stories and lessons learned.
55 participants from Vocational Training Centers and Ministerial Working Group, the Directorate of Vocational Training in Baghdad Governorate and a representative from the Governorate of Baghdad participated in the workshop. To date, 172 of the participants have already found job or have established their own businesses.

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