05.12.2011 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Public Modernization through educational reform

© UNESCO Iraq 2011 UN expert speaking during the workshop in Erbil (29 October – 2 November 2011)

A workshop was held in Erbil from 29 October to 2 November, 2011 to discuss the roadmap for the public sector modernization in the education field.

Iraq took another major step in the field of educational public planning and reform, as high level government officials agreed on a roadmap supported by UNESCO, including a clear timeframe and guidelines, to address key limitations and improve public service delivery in the field of education.

During a five-day workshop organized with UNESCO and UNICEF’s assistance, and within the framework of the Iraqi Public Sector Modernization Programme (I-PSM), representatives from the ministries of education and higher education in Baghdad and Erbil developed an extended roadmap for a coordinated education reform.

Based on the main findings of the "Functional review", "Service delivery assessment" and "Costing of the Iraqi Education Sector" that UNESCO and UNICEF have supported, the Iraqi participants discussed how to improve the service delivery model and address weakness in the institutional structure of the ministries.

Experts from the UN Agencies assisted in the process to draft recommended outputs and activities within a roadmap for reform that will benefit the efficiency and effectiveness of educational services in Iraq. This workshop was organised by UNESCO and UNICEF in the framework of the I-PSM, - a joint UN programme funded by the EU.

As co-leaders of the education sector reform programme, UNESCO and UNICEF, aim jointly with other UN partners to support the Government of Iraq in modernising its public sector by adopting a public sector reform strategy for all of government and launching its implementation.

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