21.07.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Strengthening the bond between TVET and the Private Sector

Within the framework of the project "Improving Quality of Technical and vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Kurdistan Region", UNESCO Iraq Office organized on 18 July 2012 a workshop aiming to stir the discussion on how to strengthen cooperation between TVET institutes and the private sector.

Entitled “Potential for partnership and collaboration between private sector and TVET institutions in Kurdistan", the workshop gathered at the European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC) in Erbil representatives of companies from different sectors, particularly automotive and communications, together with representatives from the ETTC and ICON-INSTITUTE Consulting Gruppe, and Iraqi officials from Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Labour and Social Affairs, Planning were also present for the discussions.

UNESCO Project Manager, Ms. Ilaria Vanzin introduced the event as key for the development of TVET in Iraq, praising the value of the related analysis undertaken. Ms. Vanzin highlighted the next steps envisaged, with the hope to move forward in their achievement to "develop a stronger economy where TVET and the private sector can collaborate to ensure the future of Iraq".

The opening was followed by a presentation of a results' survey conducted by the ETTC and the ICON institute about the existing TVET perception of private companies, starting a lively and productive discussion among participants.

Speakers from the ICON institute offered reflections on how to promote effective cooperation between TVET institutes and the private sector, and presented the advantages of a strengthen mutual collaboration and some main features of an “Agreement of Collaboration” which would be signed between the TVET Institutes and interested companies on a bilateral basis.

A strong labour market is an asset for the economy and it is even more important in a country in transition such as Iraq. A solid collaboration between the private sector and TVET institutes is essential in ensuring the relevance of the taught curricula, the creation of job opportunities and ultimately to promote a stable economy.

Through its oriented projects and partnerships, UNESCO is working to promote the importance of technical and vocational education in providing job opportunities and reducing poverty in Iraq. In particular, UNESCO is focusing on improving the quality of technical and vocational education and advocating its key role in the economic development.

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