29.04.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

Sulaymaniyah Museum hosts first group of students

© UNESCO Iraq 2012 /Students pose with their teachers for a group photo at the Sulaymaniyah Museum

In 29 April, a class of 30 students accompanied by their teachers and the Museum staff toured the halls of the Sulaymaniyah Museum, profiting from the museum's outstanding collections to learn about their history.

The class was a distinctive success with teachers and students reacting very positively towards this newly introduced approach. As teachers provided the museum staff with their feedback, the Education Department forwarded a questionnaire to all the students in order to solicit more focused feedback to the programme.

This input is to be considered by the museum management to improve the training materials.

Four additional schools will visit the museum over the coming weeks and all of the school presentations will be video-taped and consulted by UNESCO experts for further enhancements to the programme.

The second largest in Iraq, Sulaymaniyah Museum contains outstanding collections. UNESCO is overseeing the museum’s modernization by creating a master plan that holistically addresses the museum’s management. Developing the educational capacity of the museum has been one of the foremost objectives of the project. The education department staff recently completed the development of the pilot training materials and subsequently held their first meeting with teachers from the district.

These pioneering practices will make Sulaymaniyah Museum an exemplary model in museum management in Iraq, as well as in the whole region.

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