15.03.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

The Government of Japan grants USD4.8 million dollars to support UNESCO’s post-conflict and post-disaster (PCPD) response in Africa and Middle East

The Government of Japan and UNESCO concluded an agreement under which USD 4.8 million will be allocated by Japan to UNESCO to support its post conflict and post disaster response in education in South Sudan, Liberia, Egypt and Libya, and Iraq and in tackling drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.

In South Sudan, UNESCO’s International Institute for Education Planning working closely with UNESCO’s office in South Sudan, and the UNESCO International Bureau for Education,  will implement a USD 1,054,290 project which is designed to strengthen the capacity of central and state level education officials to contribute towards the national priorities outlined in the South Sudan Development Plan and the objectives of the recently developed South Sudan Education Sector Strategic Plan .

In Liberia, a USD 1 million project will be launched to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Liberia to provide for the educational needs of Ivorian refugees and youth and children of host communities in Eastern Liberia.

In Egypt and Libya, the USD 530,000 project will focus on support to the national authorities in Egypt and Libya to provide continued quality education throughout the ongoing crisis and to support recovery, resilience and reconstruction of the education system.

In Iraq, the USD 660,000 project will contribute to prevent social instability and accelerate recovery through skills development for youth.

Finally, in the Horn of Africa, with the support of Japan UNESCO will implement a project focused on tapping groundwater resources for emergency water supply. The USD 1.5 million project will strengthen capacity to combat drought and famine in the Horn of Africa and develop preventive responses to mitigate drought impacted by climate change and water scarcity. Countries which will benefit specifically from this programme are Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. 

The Government of Japan is one of UNESCO’s lead partners and donors providing support through a series of dedicated trusts funds with UNESCO, and working with UNESCO as an implementation partner under its development cooperation budget for specific countries. The USD 4.8 million was awarded to UNESCO under a special additional envelope of funding for Africa and the Middle East approved by the Japanese Diet in February 2012.

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