24.01.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

UNESCO Iraq Director meets First Lady of Iraq

© UNESCO Iraq 2011 /First lady of Iraq in a conversation with UNESCO Iraq Director during his visit to Sulaymaniyah in 24 January 2012

Within its efforts to expand UNESCO activities in Iraq, Mohamed Djelid, director of UNESCO Iraq office, accompanied by UNESCO expert Dr. Stuart Gibson, held a prolonged meeting with the First Lady of Iraq H.E Hero Ibrahim Ahmed on Tuesday 24 January 2012 to discuss the scope of cooperation between UNESCO and Iraq in the Sulaymaniyah region.

Also attended by Mr. Kamal Rasheed Sulaymaniyah Director of Antiquity, Mr. Hashim Hama the director of Sulyamania Museum, and UNESCO programme officer in Kurdistan Sami Al-Khoja, this meeting presented a great chance to discuss the progress of the Sulaymaniyah museum modernization project, and UNESCO possible involvement in future initiatives in the governorate.

UNESCO Iraq will be studying closely the implementation of a project suggested by H.E Hero Ibrahim Ahmed for launching an electronic Encyclopaedia on the form of Wikipedia, initially in Kurdish, made open for free contributions from the audience and managed by a high level cultural committee. Furthermore, within the framework of the "Sulaymaniyah Museum Modernization" project, UNESCO Iraq office Director and experts visited the museum to take a closer look on the achievements accomplished and the ongoing activities.

Guided by Mr. Hama, the visitors took a detailed tour in the museum and were briefed on the progress of the different components of the project on the ground. Mr. Djelid said that the phase I of the project, that mainly includes the introduction of state-of-the-art management practices and an educational component, is being completed, ensuring UNESCO eagerness to launch the phase II of this special project.

On the other hand, Mr. Rasheed profoundly expressed his gratitude to UNESCO on the professionalism of the experts delegated to the project and praised the success achieved so far. After training the museum staff and building their capacities to suit the most recent museulogical practices, opening the education department, and finalizing the museum's Collection inventory in 2011, UNESCO Iraq office and in cooperation with the Iraq Trust Fund and the Department of Antiquities in the Kurdistan Regional Government, will extend its support to the managerial committee of the museum in order to finalize the Museum Master plan - including an exhibition and an interpretation plan – and set the educational programme that will include an educational kit and teacher training modalities.

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