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UNESCO Iraq to hold a series of workshops to raise awareness on National Heritage

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The cultural heritage of Iraq is under threat of rapid loss, especially with regards to its historic buildings. The inherent values of the national heritage are hardly recognised amongst Iraqis, which is partly because their past is one of dictatorships and conflicts, and because a country that is developing as rapidly as the government is focused on the future, and hardly on conserving its past.

However, history and heritage are an important part of the present and it is what paves the way for the future. Lack of awareness with regards to the significance and values of the cultural heritage is main reasons for its rapid loss. Therefore, it is crucial to raise the awareness among Iraqis about their cultural heritage and its importance for peace and stability.

In order to promote the protection of the cultural heritage in Iraq, UNESCO with support of H.E the First lady of Iraq Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, is setting up a number of short workshops for Iraqi Journalists/Photo Journalists, with the purpose of raising awareness regarding the existence of the problem and to inspire and train them to communicate it to the larger public by reporting on it in the Iraqi media in an objective, coherent and convincing way.

Accordingly, the opinion makers and the public will become more aware of the threats relating to the loss of their cultural heritage and the remaining visible memories of their past.

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