22.10.2016 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

UNESCO is providing training on the conservation, restoration and preservation of manuscripts to the Sunni Religious Endowment of Iraq

Iraqi Sunni Endowment officials trained on the conservation, restoration and preservation of manuscripts at the Jordan Museum in Amman.

Saturday 22 October 2016 - UNESCO is providing training to twelve officials of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment on “Conservation, restoration and preservation of manuscripts”. The training course is taking place at the Jordan Museum in Amman from 3 -23 October 2016. This activity is carried out in the context of the broader cooperation between UNESCO and the Iraqi Sunni Endowment aimed at enhancing capacities for the management and conservation of the religious heritage managed by the Sunni Religious Endowment. 

“This training course has a unique character with two important objectives: firstly, it provides in-depth knowledge and skills on the conservation, restoration and preservation of manuscripts, and then it adopts a both practical and theoretical approach” said Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Harbi, the director of manuscripts center at Sunni Endowments.

The three-week long training course aims at equipping the Iraqi Sunni Endowment’s staff with new capacities to better manage its important manuscript archives and ensure that these are conserved and restored in a professional manner. 

Mrs. Inam Al-Naeb, the chemist at the manuscripts center said “the training course is extraordinarily rich. The programme, lectures and trainers provide us with the practical and theoretical tools to better conserve, restore and preserve the collections at the Sunni waqf"

This training programme is part of a larger project of cooperation between UNESCO and the Sunni Waqf Endowment entitled "Iraqi Sunni Endowment Capacities in the Documentation and Conservation of Historical Religious Buildings and in the Refurbishment of Contemporary Mosques in Historic Contexts”. 


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