25.02.2014 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

UNESCO seeking proposals for a survey on Iraq's water resource

UNESCO expert working in an underground water canal in Kurdistan, Iraq © UNESCO Iraq 2010

As part of its efforts to help Iraq manage water issues, UNESCO seeks proposals for the procurement of technical services to undertake an advanced survey of the country’s hydrogeological resources and to improve capacities in integrated groundwater resources management.

The survey and capacity building initiatives are key elements of the project “Advanced Survey of Hydrogeological Resources in Iraq" (ASHRI-2) that UNESCO and the European Union (EU) launched in October last year. The project is part of the UNESCO’s and EU’s efforts to support the Iraqi government in overcoming the devastating impact of water shortage. It aims at improving national capacities in the exploration and integrated management of groundwater resources, and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of public planning and policy making in the National Water Sector.

Based on the baseline of existing knowledge established by UNESCO during the first phase of this project in 2010, this new survey will also serve to update the information available, and improve governmental capacities in terms of interpretation, exploration, and sustainable utilization of hydrogeological resources, in addition to aquifers and soil management - a key factor to address water shortages and promote sustainable agricultural development.

The sealed tenders must be delivered by parties interested in the procurement process to the UNESCO Office for Iraq in Amman on or before 27/03/2014 at 16:00 hours Amman time, in strict compliance with the instructions as stipulated in the solicitation documents that are available at UNGM website.

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