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Your Inputs Count! Take part in UNESCO’s Comprehensive Study on Internet Topics


UNESCO is seeking input from major stakeholders and experts for its study of Internet-related issues and future options within the UNESCO mandate. Responses are requested before 30 November 2014. Governments, private sector, civil society, academia, international organizations and the technical community are amongst those encouraged to respond.

This major research follows from Resolution 52 agreed by UNESCO’s 195 Member States in November 2013.  The results of the study will be released next year, and these will inform a report to the 38th General Conference of UNESCO in November 2015.

The study is being elaborated through a questionnaire as well as broad consultations – including with UNESCO Member States, and at events such as the Global Multi-stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance, WSIS High Level Review Events, the Freedom Online Coalition conference, the Stockholm Internet Forum, the Internet Governance Forum, and others.

As set in the General Conference Resolution, the research covers the following four fields within the UNESCO mandate:  (i) Access to information and knowledge, (ii)Freedom of expression, (iii) Privacy, and (iv) Ethical dimensions of the information society. It also explores possible options for future actions in these fields.

The concept paper for the study  has been shaped by a first round of consultations. The guiding framework of the study is the draft concept of “Internet Universality”, which summarizes the Internet’s core principles relevant to UNESCO’s mandate and fields of competence, namely that the Internet should be : (i) Human Rights-based (ii) “Open”, (iii) “Accessible to All”, and (iv) nurtured by Multi-stakeholder Participation.

If you have a contribution to one or more of these issues, UNESCO is interested in your views. To send your comments on the Research Questions please write toInternetstudy(at)unesco.org.

Links to documents

·         UNESCO comprehensive study on Internet-related issues: draft concept paper proposed by the Secretariat for consultations
 Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)

·         Internet Universality: A Means Towards Building Knowledge Societies and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda
Arabic (Summary,
 Full version)
Chinese (Summary,
 Full version)
English (Summary,
 Full version)
French (Summary,
 Full version)
Russian (Summary,
 Full version)
Spanish (Summary,
 Full version)

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