Democratic Processes and Election Coverage

© UNESCO / Debates about the Iraqi constitution with Article 19

© UNESCO / Debates about the Iraqi constitution with Article 19

UNESCO is working at supporting transparency and independent information to ensure that elections are organized in a democratic environment.

Free and fair elections not only involve casting votes under proper conditions, but also the provision of adequate information about parties, policies, candidates and the election process itself so that voters can make informed choices.

Moreover, electoral processes require professional and independent media to provide information and serve as a platform for debate.

In this regard, UNESCO’s media support for election coverage focuses on raising awareness on the election process and building the capacities of Iraqi journalists. Through enhancing media understanding of – and compliance with – election reporting codes, rules and regulations, UNESCO seeks to strengthen the capacity of Iraqi media to monitor, analyze and report on each election campaign.

Similarly, UNESCO’s activities involve raising awareness among civil society and public officials on election-related issues, such as safety of journalists, democratic principles and the need to grant full access to information to all Iraqi journalists covering the elections.

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