Good Governance and Constitution Building

UNESCO is highlighting the need for a strengthened media sector to bring good governance to Iraqi provinces. 

An independent, free and pluralistic media plays a crucial role in democratic societies’ good governance by encouraging transparency and promoting people's participation.

Law, regulatory frameworks, and professional media institutions emerging in Iraq will go a long way in fulfilling the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution.

UNESCO seeks to enhance good governance by focusing on the regulatory and institutional aspects of media protection. Specifically, UNESCO supports the development of media legislation and regulatory frameworks in line with international standards to guarantee freedom of speech and to promote free and pluralistic media. This is complimented with training and capacity building of public officials on access to public information and to press freedom as fundamental principles upholding transparency, accountability and credibility.

In collaboration with UNDP, UNESCO Iraq will continue to work on establishing an e-governance project that will improve ICT services for enhanced public participation and heightened democratic principles of governance, transparency and equality.

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