Restoration of Dar Al-Wali

The building of Dar Al- Wali, known as the old Al- Ma’aref Ministry (Ministry of Education) building, is considered to be among the architectural masterpieces in Baghdad from the Ottoman period that remains visible to this day. The building dates back to more than one hundred and twenty years during which it alternately witnessed the periods of prosperity and the difficult times that Iraqis experienced. Economic embargo and successive wars had destructive impacts on the building. In particular, during and after the recent conflict the building suffered extensive damage. Looters forced their way into the premises, and plundered a variety of items including furniture, air-conditioners, works of art, doors, floor tiles; window frames all of the building services, sanitation, lighting installations and fixtures, computers, as well as others.

UNESCO undertook a project to assist the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage in completing the rehabilitation of Dar Al-Wali. It prepared technical drawings and specifications suiting the usage and respecting the historical and cultural value of the building. It also submitted drawings and specifications for a lighting system for the exhibition space.

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