Modernizing Sulaymaniyah Museum

The Sulaymaniyah Museum is an ideal flagship candidate for introducing state-of-the-art museology and internationally recognized good-practices in the Kurdistan region. The Sulaymaniyah Museum is arguably the finest archaeological museum in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The museum has a committed management and staff determined to bring it into the 21st century.

UNESCO has undertaken to assist the Kurdistan Regional Government to protect and promote the multiethnic Iraqi national heritage by introducing and disseminating accepted international museological good-practices and related museum expertise into Sulaymaniyah Museum. It is complementing these efforts by supporting the development of educational programs for secondary school teachers and students visiting the museum. Museum Education programmes will support the quality education of history and culture of Iraq. The ultimate aim of the project is for the Sulaymaniyah Museum to become a model and resource for other museums and museum specialists in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as well as in Iraq in general.

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