Activities for the Prevention and Mitigation of HIV/AIDS

As the UN specialized agency for education, UNESCO’s involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation is key to promote efficient and effective responses to the epidemic. UNESCO's HIV/AIDS related activities are essential for an improved and scaled up response to HIV/AIDS in the country, particularly in the areas of education and prevention for youth. UNESCO believes, and has stated in its Strategy on Responding to HIV/AIDS that prevention-focused education can provide critical knowledge and skills to protect individuals and communities from HIV/AIDS while also helping to overcome conditions contributing to the spread of HIV, such as poverty and inequality. Changes in the attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS to tolerance, understanding and respect, can be fostered by quality education and will reduce stigma and discrimination faced by those living with HIV/AIDS.

As part of its capacity building activities in this area, UNESCO conducted a study tour to Jordan for Iraqi policy makers and technical staff, such as CLC managers and facilitators in education, to share the Jordanian experience of integrating HIV/AIDS into the education system in both formal and non-formal settings, focusing on youth. A two-day workshop to plan for the Education Sector response to HIV/AIDS in Iraq will follow the tour.

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