Providing Online Books to those Without a Chance to Attend School

As part of the Organization's efforts to provide education to Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), refugees, and out of school students, UNESCO Iraq Office has launched a website dedicated to the Iraqi School Textbooks.

Iraqi School Textbooks On-Line aims at providing the possibility to download electronic versions (PDF Files) of all available Iraqi school textbooks. It will not only be available for Iraqi students, IDPs and refugees, but also for Iraqi school principles, teachers, and local and international NGOs with a quick, simple and efficient access to read, download and print.

IDPs and out of school students who were not able to get basic school books will highly benefit from the project. Also, Iraqi refugee students who cannot join their hosting country education system or cope with the local school curricula will be able to resume their studies.

The website can be accessed on It includes approximately 100 school textbooks that can be used right away. The quality of the textbooks are generally good, nevertheless, due to cicumstances some have had to be scanned from hard copies; the rest are large as they were provided as photos and not texts (electronically). These will be replaced with better versions once received and electronic versions of the remaining textbooks will be uploaded as soon as they are received by the Ministry.

The website, which is in Arabic, includes useful links to Iraqi educational institutes, universities and governmental organizations that are involved in the education process in Iraq. The most important list of links is the one that includes all NGOs supporting the project by printing and distributing copies of the downloaded textbooks to students who need this essential service.

All NGOs located in countries hosting Iraqis, mainly in Jordan, Syria and Egypt, are registered. If other organizations are interested in participating in this project, they are welcome to register their organizations directly on the website. Registered NGOs have no commitment to the management of the project and their services to the Iraqi students will be provided voluntarily based on their own decisions and on their own available resources.

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