National Education Planning, Management and Evaluation in Iraq

The overall objective of UNESCO Iraq's interventions in the area of National Education, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is to strengthen the capacity of Iraq's education sector to deliver quality educational and training services to all levels and across all geographical areas.

A key overarching task will be to assist in the development of a National Education Plan (NEP) for 2011‐2014; this is a joint effort in which UNESCO is working with both UNICEF and the World Bank. This task will provide assistance in planning and implementing comprehensive reform of the education sector.

Other activities include a wide range of sub‐components such as curriculum review and development of a new modern curriculum, raising awareness on the “Right to Education,” and increasing capacities of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research to have a smooth transition into a new decentralized administration. Among other priority areas is the enhancement of educational planning to deal with refugee students and threatened academics as well as a focus on the psychosocial needs of children in schools and communities. The reintegration of Iraq into the Education for All Monitoring Network will also be a priority.

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