Comprehensive Assessment of the Education Sector in Iraq

A comprehensive Needs Assessment of the education sector is currently underway to assess the main causes hindering access to, and quality of, education, and to assist the endeavours of the Government of Iraq in the reconstruction and modernization of the education sector.

The planned assessment will complement the ongoing efforts for supporting the Iraq Public Sector Modernisation for Service Delivery (I-PSM) Project, as the review of available data, and the completion of a school based survey to provide necessary data for evidence-based decision-making purposes, will enrich the structural and functional analysis of the administration of the Education sector expected under I-PSM.

The project will undertake an in-depth assessment of education, and will provide relevant analysis on the root causes and factors that are undermining access to, and quality of, education. It will do this through the completion of internal efficiency analysis, to ensure that the data and analysis produced will inform the development of National Education Strategy for Iraq (NESI), and will provide a solid basis for the operationalisation of the Strategy.

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