Developing New Iraqi Curricula

Since the fall of the former regime in 2003, the Iraqi education system has been the focus of substantial efforts by international agencies aimed at reviewing and revising the curricula and textbooks in use. However, the persistence of outdated curricula and textbooks has limited the impact of most educational interventions and initiatives so far focusing on the provision of the physical educational resources.

The revision of curricula and textbooks therefore poses major challenge to the education system in Iraq. UNESCO’s objective under the framework of this project is to contribute to modernization and reconciliation in Iraqi society through the development of a new Iraqi curriculum. The review of the Iraqi curriculum in line with International standards will not only result in an improvement of the quality of education in Iraq but will also have a positive impact on the outcome of other interventions in the field of education.

The project has been designed to provide technical assistance and to develop capacities in curriculum development and curriculum assessment. This implies producing a Curriculum Framework, revising syllabuses, teacher training based on new syllabuses as well as building capacities to assess the new curriculum.

All capacity building activities will be consistent with the Iraqi Education philosophy and objectives defined in 2006 and endorsed in 2008. Moreover, they will take into consideration the fact that colleges of education will be impacted by the project and that the schooling system is different in Kurdistan.

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