Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS)

Photo of MOE Technician entering school census forms into the Educational Management Information System EMIS

MOE Technician entering school census forms into EMIS

This project is one of the highest priorities of the Ministry of Education (MoE) as outlined in the publication “Education in Iraq: Current Situation and New Perspectives.”

The project aimed at supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Education in Iraq to establish an efficient Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS) to provide basic data needed urgently for MoE, to develop educational indicators and assist the Ministry in its functions of planning and management of the education system as well as policy formulation. EMIS is beneficial as it greatly assists the allocation of resources for the reconstruction of the education system in Iraq.

In this regard, UNESCO provided the Ministry of Education and all Directorates of Education with IT equipment for use in data entry. UNESCO trained 52 technicians from MoE and all Directorate of Education on LAN Administration, networking and the use of EMIS software in data entry. It also carried out training of a Core Team of 5 officials from MoE on the management and maintenance of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, the database structure of the EMIS Software, and the use of queries and Reporting Services to extract reports and output from the database.

In addition, UNESCO provided training on SPSS Software to 31 officials to enable the generation of statistical reports and indicators from the EMIS database. Another training workshop was organized in Baghdad on the use of the SPSS Software for 21 statisticians, and it was undertaken by MoE staff who were previously trained in Amman.

Data entry at the Directorates level was initiated and UNESCO is constantly monitoring and following up on this process in order to solve any problems arising during implementation, hence ensuring the completion of data entry for each academic year.

Modified EMIS and Involvement of MOE in Kurdistan

The EMIS project was initially implemented in the 15 Governorates (20 Directorates of Education) that are related to the Ministry of Education in Baghdad for 3 consecutive academic years starting in 2004/2005 until the Ministry of Education for the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to join the project. Several technical workshops were held for technical and statistical staffs from both ministries to enable them to control the processes of data entry and report generation.

To enable the two Ministries to prepare the annual statistical Reports for all Governorates related to them, UNESCO programmers prepared programs to automatically generate detailed statistical reports for each category of schools and educational level at the National as well as at the Governorate level. In addition, special tailor made programs were prepared to generate automatically a set of educational indicators for each of the 2 sub-systems of education under the two ministries in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Throughout this period UNESCO and UNICEF Iraq Offices provided financial and technical backstopping support for staff of the two ministries and enabled them to prepare the detailed outputs (Annual Statistical Reports for the Governorates and Directorates of Education under their jurisdiction). Thus, the MoE in Baghdad prepared the Statistical Reports for the years 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007 and 2007/2008. The MoE of the Kurdistan Region prepared the Statistical Report for the year 2007/2008. In addition to, that UNESCO and UNICEF prepared an analytical report for the 2007/2008 for all of Iraq. This report, as well as the other statistical reports prepared from the EMIS output, will be presented for discussion with the two ministries in a workshop to be held in January 2010.

Following the experience of the technical and statistical staff of the two ministries in the past years with the processes of data entry at the Governorate level and with the generation of statistical reports, and after identifying the common sources of errors in data entry as well as errors resulting from the lack of validation rules that minimize errors, both Ministries agreed with UNESCO and UNICEF Iraq Offices to upgrade the EMIS Software. This upgrade was necessary because of the newly introduced changes in the two Education sub-systems of the two ministries, mainly related to the structure of the educational ladder, classification of types of schools, and other curricular differences. The newly updated software for the Kurdistan Region has been completed and tested, and is presently being used to enter data for the year 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 and beyond. Another updated program has also been developed for the Ministry of Education in Baghdad and tested for use in all governorates for entering the data for the academic years 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 and subsequent ones.  

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