Primary and Secondary Education in Iraq

UNESCO aims through its projects to improve access to, and quality of, primary and secondary education in Iraq. In the past, this has consisted of programmes that improved the quality of Iraqi textbooks, and projects that strengthened secondary education through the strengthening secondary school teachers' ICT teaching capacities in their subjects of specialty, the procurement of 155 school laboratories and 55 libraries in 55 secondary schools, and other activities.

UNESCO has launched a satellite channel, Iraqi EduTV, to increase access to education and support distance learning, in addition to a website all Iraqi school curricula.  It has also implemented a program integrating ICT use into education, and provided ICT training for Ministry officials and instructors, most of whom went on to receive ICDL certification.

The promotion of civic values to students is also of high importance to UNESCO. By incorporating the values of human rights, etc. and teaching life skills in schools, UNESCO is ensuring that students are exposed to a well-rounded education, that instills key values in students for the future.

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