UNESCO to promote civic values amongst adolescents in Iraq

Photo of two young students in Baghdad studying together in a library

Young Iraqi students in Baghdad

In partnership with the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the UN Population Fund and Iraqi Authorities, UNESCO implements a programme aiming to raise awareness on civic values and life skills in schools, community and youth centres in Iraq.  

Comprising the largest segment of the Iraqi population, Iraqi youth will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of the country. The two-year programme, which will focus on concepts of citizenship, national identity and human rights, will reduce the vulnerability of adolescents that have often been influenced by the prevailing climate of violence, sectarianism and mistrust that has affected Iraq in recent years.  

The wide range of beneficiaries targeted by the programme, including education providers, public sector managers/decision makers/legislators, as well as the direct engagement of Iraqi youth (ages 12-19) will ensure wide support for the establishment of a violence-free learning environment where the values of tolerance, gender equality as well as interpersonal communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills are fostered. As a result of this joint endeavour, it is expected that Iraqi youth will be equipped with the skills necessary to know their rights and duties as citizens in a democratic society and to pursue their own educational, cultural and later on career development as adults.


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