Teacher Training in Iraq

The Iraqi education system faces critical shortcomings in many areas. One of the main challenges is the limited capacities of teachers in their fields of specialty (teaching subjects) as well as on the use of modern teaching methodologies. Such limitations have affected both quality of and access to education at all levels. Furthermore, instability and lack of security have also undermined the normal academic activity in Iraqi universities and triggered an unexpected brain drain that has further undermined the educational opportunities of Iraqi students.

Other key challenges related to teacher education and training in Iraq have been identified as teachers' outdated knowledge in their teaching subjects and the absence of appropriate modern teaching methodologies

The infrastructure of In-Service Teacher Training Institutes that have been established at the central and governorate levels is poor, and the capacity of both Ministries of Education in the fields of planning, managing and monitoring comprehensive programs for teacher preparation is limited. These challenges are largely due to the lack of reliable data and a comprehensive National Teacher Education and Training Strategy.

Since 2006, UNESCO has aimed at helping the Minsitries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research to create a critical mass of highly qualified teacher trainers and to improve the quality of secondary education through teacher trainings. You will find further details by project on UNESCO’s contributions in this area to date.

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