In-Service Training of Secondary School Teachers

Photo of secondary school teachers during a training session on computer skills in Baghdad, Iraq

Computer Training Course for Secondary School Teachers in Baghdad - Iraq

UNESCO supports the training of school teachers especially in the field of science, mathematics and English language in Iraq.

In 1984, the Ministry of Education established the Institute of Educational Development and Training in Baghdad with the following objectives:

  1. Organizing in-service training programmes periodically for teachers, educational administrators, and other educational staff.
  2. Preparing outlines and printed materials for local training programmes (organized at the level of each governorate).
  3. Participating in the preparation of textbooks, education materials, and educational programmes.

This was an effective institution, i.e. in 1989, the Institute trained 7,265 trainees (active teachers and educational administrators) and organized 242 in-service training programmes. However, the number of in-service training programmes gradually decreased due to sanctions and resource constraints during the 1990s.

It is widely observed that in-service training programmes which have been implemented in relatively difficult environment and circumstances are often not fully successful in providing systematic opportunities for continuing education, skills and career development. The renewal strategy, therefore, underscores the need to retrain teachers who lack the minimum qualification as well as those who have not attended any in-service training in their respective fields. In addition, one of the priority needs expressed in the "Needs Assessment Survey" is the training and upgrading of teachers’ skills at both primary and preparatory levels.

Accordingly, UNESCO implemented a project that used the traditional cascade training method in order to deliver training in new teaching methodologies to all Iraqi secondary school teachers of science, mathematics and English language.

UNESCO, in collaboration with the Open University Worldwide in UK, trained 62 core teacher trainers on new teaching methodologies and on the development of instructional materials (comprising mentor and teacher guides). This core group, in turn, delivered further training to mentors. These mentors are now responsible for training all secondary school teachers of Science, Mathematics and English language in Iraq.

Furthermore, UNESCO provided the Institute for Teacher Development and Training in Baghdad and 17 other teacher training institutes throughout Iraq with IT equipment for teacher training purposes on Information and Communication Technology skills. UNESCO also provided the studio of the Institute in Baghdad with AV equipment for instructional material production.



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