Training Teachers for Sustainable Quality Education in Iraq

Photo representing a teacher training course for university professors in Iraq

Training of university professors in Iraq

In the eighties, the Iraqi education system was recognized as one of the most developed systems in the Arab countries. However, nearly two decades of conflict, unstable political conditions and an extremely volatile security situation have taken a considerable toll.

The Iraqi education system faces critical shortcomings in many areas. One of the main challenges is the limited capacities of teachers in their fields of specialty (teaching subjects) as well as on the use of modern teaching methodologies. Such limitations have affected both quality and access to education at all levels. Furthermore, instability and lack of security have also undermined the normal academic activity in Iraqi universities and triggered an unexpected brain drain that has further undermined the educational opportunities of Iraqi students.  

One key concern for both the Government of Iraq and UNESCO is to ensure access to quality education in Iraq. "Training of Trainers in Teacher Education for Sustained Quality Education" is one of the projects in the field of education designed to assist in enhancing teacher education through supporting higher education in Iraq.  

The overall objective of the project is to create a critical mass of trainers in order to enhance the quality of teacher education while building the capacity of selected Iraqi universities and officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. A major achievement of the project was the establishment of a Teacher Training Network for Iraq (TTNI) connecting 8 Iraqi Science and Education colleges with international universities known for their well-developed Teacher Education programs, projects and services. The Teacher Training Network for Iraq (TTNI) was launched in 2007 and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Iraqi universities and selected international higher education institutions.      

So far, more than 130 lecturers from the colleges of science and education of four Iraqi universities (the Universities of Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Salahaddeen, and Basra) participated in intensive training of trainers programs for the upgrading of teaching methodologies in 10 different scientific and educational subject areas as well as English language and IT-ICDL. The trained trainers are duplicating the received trainings to their colleagues and more than 300 trainers have been trained in the multiplier effect training inside Iraq. To facilitate the quality and the long-term sustainability of the capacity building training, UNESCO is currently developing 10 training packages to support teacher education at secondary level.  

In addition, a Fellowship Program has been designed in partnership with the University of Studies of Turin, to give the opportunity to 10 Iraqi lectures and students of partner universities to follow a Masters Course in Peacekeeping Management at the University of Turin, Italy.

Finally, a draft Strategic Study on Teacher Education in Iraq has been formulated and capacity building training is being provided for the development of a National Strategy for teacher education.  


To access the official websites of partner universities, please visit our Partners page under Education.  



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