Improving the Quality and Relevance of Technical and Vocational Education in Kurdistan

This project is supporting the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector (TVET) in Kurdistan Region by developing and strengthening the institutional capacity in the areas of strategic planning, policy formulation and management to operate a demand driven training system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research -Foundation of Technical Education (MoHESR/FTE) and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs -Vocational Training Centers (MoLSA/VTC). It is doing this by addressing aspects of the current and future TVET system needs to deliver quality education.

It seeks to enhance the capacity of human resources towards achieving quality education, and will capitalize on the achievements of UNESCO and its UN partners' (ILO and UN-HABITAT) previous TVET projects in Iraq such as the TVET “Improving Quality and Relevance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Iraq” project.

The project will include an awareness campaign component for the Kurdish community, to be implemented with the participation of KRG line ministries and Iraqi national media to increase enrolment in the sector by drawing attention to the essential role of the TVET sector in creating job opportunities, reducing poverty, enhancing living conditions and developing the economy.

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