UN Gender Task Force for Iraq (GTF)

The UN Security Council Resolution 1483 (May 2003), 1500 (August 2003), and 1511 (October 2003) provide an international legal and political framework for the reconstruction process of Iraq in general and for the UN's role in particular. UNSCR 1483 encouraged efforts by the people of Iraq to form a representative government based on the rule of law that affords equal rights and justice to all Iraqi citizens without regard to gender and recalled UNSCR1325, which calls for a gender approach to a post-conflict reconstruction.

The Gender Task Force (GTF) is a mechanism for integrating gender concerns into UN policies, programs, projects and activities and into those of their counterpart organizations. As stated in the Beijing Platform for Action, the GTF "shall be the catalyst for gender-responsive planning/programming, and coordinate its responsibility for implementing the platform for action, as well as its expertise and working methods to promote the advancement of women".

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