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2 July 2013, Banda Aceh. UNESCO and Banda Aceh City Government hosted the 2nd High Level Meeting of Mayors for Inclusive Cities in Indonesia. The High Level Meeting is a network of municipalities that is engaging Disabled People Organizations (DPOs), Regional Governments, UNESCO and other stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities for the fulfillment of the rights of disabled people in areas such as education and participation is social and political life. Several policy makers from around Indonesia attended the meeting, including representatives of Ambon, Banjarmasin, Banda Aceh, Denpasar, Lampung, Metro, Samaridan and Yogyakarta.

On the occasion of the High Level Meeting, UNESCO and Banda Aceh City Government signed a partnership agreement for future collaboration. UNESCO will support the exchange of best practices from different regions in Indonesia regarding the design and implementation of policy initiatives that have promoted the inclusion of disabled people. This project is part of new joint UN effort to promote the implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of Person Living with Disabilities (UNCRPD) ratified by the Government of Indonesia in 2011.

Following the High Level Meeting, UNESCO will support the first training of governments’ officials and DPOs on the implementation of UNCRPD. The training will take place between 2 July and 4 July 2013 in Banda Aceh.

Dr. Hubert Gijzen, Director and Representative of UNESCO Office Jakarta, said during the Opening Ceremony that “ It is encouraging to see Mayors and officials from all across Indonesia collaborating and taking a proactive stance when it comes to the defense of the rights of disabled people”. He explained that “the High Level Meeting of Mayors and the training of stakeholders on the UNCRPD are devoted to what UNESCO does best: knowledge sharing, capacity building through mutual respect and multi-stakeholder dialogues, with the involvement of government agencies, municipal officials and civil society”.

The Mayor of Banda Aceh, Mr. Mawardi Nurdin expressed his willingness to collaborate with UNESCO in a process that will facilitate the exchange of ideas between DPOs and policy-makers and he invited other Mayors to join in this initiative.

UNESCO is working with other UN agencies in support of the UNCRPD. ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA and WHO are working with the Government of Indonesia and DPOs to address two specific areas of interventions: 1) to reinforce national institutions and mechanisms for better and stronger coordination in raising awareness and promoting disability rights, and 2) to strengthen technical capacity of Statistics with improved disability data for policy support and guidance.

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