30.08.2019 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Asian Water Cycle Management in Focus at the World Water Week

World Water Week 2019

Together with other partners in the Asia Pacific Water Forum, UNESCO Office Jakarta highlighted the state of water in Asia at the 2019 Stockholm World Water Week on 27 August 2019.

Under the common heading “Asia Focus”, four sessions on the topics of water cycle management, rural water and sanitation, finance, and governance and inclusive development highlighted the commitments of the “Yangon Declaration: Pathway Forward”, adopted by the Asia-Pacific Water Summit held in Myanmar in December 2017.

As thematic lead for the water cycle management theme, UNESCO Jakarta showcased UNESCO’s water science work and facilitated a discussion on the contributions of water cycle management in Asia and the Pacific towards fulfilment of the targets under SDG6. With contributions by speakers from across the region, particular emphasis was placed ways to scale up innovative practices to maximize impact while remaining inclusive.

The session concluded by underlining the need to invest in communication and partnership building. As noted by speaker Hon. Karlene Maywald of Australia “it is just as much about changing human behaviour/culture as it is about technological solutions.”

More information of the session is available at https://www.worldwaterweek.org/event/8355-water-cycle-management-towards-water-security-in-asia-and-pacific

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