24.02.2014 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

COllaboration for Network-eNabled Education, Culture, Technology and science (CONNECT) Asia Booklet

CONNECT-Asia (COllaboration for Network-eNabled Education, Culture, Technology and science) was created in June 2009 to share experiences on information and communication technologies and work together for education and research.

- To create an effective and flexible mechanism for using ICT-mediated educational systems and network-enabled teaching and learning methods.  
- To broaden and enhance people’s access to knowledge and information, sharing expertise and experience
- To improve connectivity among educators and researchers, opening up national/regional education and research communities to the international arena, and further developing human resources.

CONNECT, as a group of national, sub-regional, and regional ICT networks, actively contributes to the improvement of education and research in Asia and the Pacific.

Download the booklet here

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