22.04.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Director of UNESCO Office, Jakarta graduates PhD candidate at UNESCO-IHE

On 16th of April 2013, Mr. Hubert Gijzen, Director and Representative of UNESCO Office, Jakarta, participated in the PhD Graduation at UNESCO-IHE Institute. UNESCO-IHE is the world’s largest postgraduate training facility in the fields of integrated water management, with the authority to confer accredited MSc and PhD degrees (the latter in collaboration with selected Dutch universities) in environmental science, water management, urban water and sanitation, and water science and engineering.

Professor Dr. Hubert Gijzen was the supervisor of PhD student Ebenezer D.O. Ansa from Ghana. Dr. Ansa successfully presented and defended his PhD thesis and was awarded with a Doctoral degree by the Academic Boards of UNESCO-IHE and of Wageningen University. The PhD research focused on 'The removal of faecal coliforms in waste stabilization pond systems and eutrophic lakes', and most of the research was done in Ghana, in collaboration with the Water Research Institute in Accra.

Since its foundation as a Dutch institute in 1957, IHE has graduated more than 14,500 individuals from 163 countries at the MEng and MSc levels and over 100 at the PhD level. Since 2003 the Institute functions as part of UNESCO under the new name ‘UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education’.

Approximately 97% of the Institute’s graduates return to their countries of origin to assume positions of responsibility. UNESCO-IHE regards its alumni as ambassadors, enabling the Institute to maintain access to and involvement with client governments.

The Institute is based in and operates from Delft, the Netherlands, and facilitates all UNESCO member states.

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