23.05.2017 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Enhancing Community Engagement in the Conservation and Management of the world heritage site of Sangiran Early Man Site

SRAGEN, 10 MAY 2017. UNESCO Office Jakarta in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture organized a workshop under the framework of UNESCO Regular Program, aimed to promote sustainable conservation and management of world heritage sites, entitled “Awareness-Raising Workshop for Promoting Community-based Conservation of Sangiran Early Man Site”, from 9 - 10 May 2017 at the Conservation Office of Sangiran Early Man Site in Sragen, Indonesia.

Objectives of the workshop are to equip the workshop participants, namely the local community, with the knowledge of the outstanding significance of Sangiran Early Man Site as a world heritage site, reason for its protection, role of community in the conservation process also benefits for community for taking part in the conservation. It is hoped that this knowledge can enhance community awareness and encourage them to be more involved in the conservation as well as sustainable management of the site. Additionally, the workshop also aims to get community feedbacks regarding the draft document of Sangiran Conservation Plan. By reflecting on the international sustainable conservation approaches, they were expected to provide recommendations on how to improve Sangiran Conservation Plan that engage the community deeper.  

Up to 35 participants attended the workshop, they were mainly community representatives from 5 cluster areas that reside around Sangiran site. The workshop was also attended by local government officials from the Planning and Development Agency of the District Government of Sragen and Karanganyar as well as the Conservation Office of Sangiran (BPSMP Sangiran) who provided the latest updates regarding the development, conservation and management plan of Sangiran for mutual sharing.  

Workshop Participants posed after the session with representatives from UNESCO Office Jakarta, Government Officials and experts (photo credit: Ministry of Education and Culture)

Sangiran Early Man Site is one of the important archaeological sites in the world to learn about the process of human evolution that took place over the period of two million years, particularly during the Pleistocene period. The site contains a rich variety of fossils; over 50 types have been discovered here which represents half of the world’s known hominid fossils. It is therefore of utmost importance to safeguard the site for research and education purpose, as well as for enjoyment by the wider public.

The recommendations proposed by the community during the workshop will be taken into account to improve Sangiran Conservation Plan. Moreover, it will also serve as one of the basis to create subsequent action plans to enhance protection of the site that also conform to community needs. In follow up to this event, few more community-based workshops will be conducted on site, the first one will emphasize on the safeguarding of vernacular architecture, and the second one will focus on building the capacity of the local community to become tour guides in the area.

Presentation by a workshop participant regarding how to engage the community better in the conservation and management of Sangiran site. (photo credit: Ministry of Education and Culture)

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