12.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Event Report: One Day in Asia

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On Thursday, November 1, 2012, UNESCO Jakarta held an event called "One Day in Asia" (ODIA). The idea was to utilize the power of CONNECT-Asia ICT networks and mobile technology to livestream a broadcast from UNESCO World Heritage sites located in multiple countries. The whole event would go from noon in Nepal to night-time in Australia, wrapping up one whole day in Asia within the two-hour event, with the addition of morning in Greenwich, England.

With the cooperation of our NREN partners, we successfully livestreamed broadcast from eight countries’ cultural heritage sites. We utilized USTREAM® and mobile device (such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc) for the broadcast from each site and to worldwide audience, and video conference system to connect the whole experience.

Below is the list of participating countries and institutions in ODIA event:

From Indonesia, angklung music band performed in the backyard of Jakarta office.


During ODIA, two guest speakers also gave their highlights on the event. They were Mr. Masanori Nagaoka, Programme Specialist of Culture Unit in UNESCO Jakarta office, and Dr. Faridah Noor Mohd Noor, e-Culture expert from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. Dr. Faridah explained the historical value of A Famosa, Malacca City which was featured during the broadcast from Malaysia.

Hundreds of viewers joined the event by watching the live broadcast from video conference and USTREAM live streaming. They could also tweet their comment or message during the event using hashtag #ODIAevent. Several sites from the Asian region, including Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Japan, also connected through the video conference and shared this unique experience.

We are grateful to all partners and audience who have supported us in making ODIA event a success!

Look ahead for our next upcoming events at connect-asia.org!

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