25.04.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Focus Group Discussion on Pilot Project: Supplemental Illustrative Manuals Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Youth in Detention Centers

UNESCO Jakarta Office hosted the first Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Pilot Project of the Supplemental Illustrative Manuals – Comprehensive Sexuality Education for youth in detention centers.

A total of fifteen (15) participants from Directorate General Correctional Institute, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, WHO, UNICEF, and UNESCO attended the FGD. This FGD is organized for selected civil servants working for the Correctional Institutes who will pilot HIV prevention education-modules that have been developed for youth in detention centers. 

This FGD commenced with the welcoming remarks by Deputy Director UNESCO Jakarta, Shahbaz Khan. He highlighted the importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, especially in light of evidence that most of HIV infected youth are among those who are engage in high risk behaviors. Therefore, UNESCO sees an opportunity to work together with Directorate General Correctional Institutes, Ministry of Law and Human Rights in implementing comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), specifically for youth in closed setting centers.

Haviluddin, Director of Health and Care of the Correctional Institute very much encouraged seeing that this new initiative to cover youth in detention centers in a non-formal setting and emphasized that the initiative should be fully supported as in fact it covers those who are not able to access reproductive health education at formal education system. Amrullah and dr. Hetty Widiastuti, as team leader and secretary, detailed the piloting project on the technical point of view. 

dr. Tini Setiawan, WHO focal point for Adolescent Health, Annisa Elok Budiyanti, UNICEF focal point for HIV AIDS and UNESCO were engaged as technical advisers to provide skills to the piloting team in conducting piloting project for youth in detention centers. 

Grace Halim, NPO HIV-AIDS and School Health, on behalf of Dr. Meeyoung Choi, Team Leader HIV-AIDS, UNESCO Jakarta also expressed appreciation to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, especially the Directorate General of Correctional Institute for its collaboration and partnership and shared that UNESCO shall continue to assist the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, in educating youth at higher risk of HIV transmission to achieve Zero new HIV Infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths. 

This first FGD marks the series of piloting projects in four youth correctional institutes, i.e. Banten, Palembang, Blitar and Kupang. The piloting will be started on the 25th April 2013 until the 3rd May 2013. 

For further information on this event, please contact: 
Grace M Halim at gm.halim@unesco.org

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