29.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Jam Production Workshop in Borobudur, Central Java on 25-29 November 2013 Supported by AusAid

Within the framework of UNESCO’s ongoing project entitled ‘3rd Phase activity: Revitalization of Local Community Livelihoods through Cultural Industries and Heritage Tourism’, a five-day workshop on jam production was organized at the UNESCO Gallery in Karanganyar Village, Borobudur Sub-district, Central Java on 25-29 November 2013. Some 10 local women from some different villages in Borobudur area participated in the training which was organized by UNESCO Office Jakarta in cooperation with local government of Magelang Regency, with financial support from Australian Aid.

The jam production workshop is part of a series of training which aim to strengthen the capacity of local community members through the development of creative industries in Borobudur and surrounding areas. The objectives of the workshop were to create innovative and unique products based on Borobudur’s rich natural resources. The training was completed with support from KOU (Kilau Organik Utama) CUISINE, a jam producer from Ubud, Bali that produces high quality locally made products. It is hoped that this training will support the development of a jam industry that can provide sustainable economic opportunities for local communities, especially women.
The opening ceremony of the workshop brought together around 30 representatives from key stakeholders of the Magelang Regency Government namely Tourism and Culture Office and Industry, Trade, Cooperation and Small Medium Enterprises Office; the Head of Borobudur Sub-district; PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko; local community members of Borobudur and a representative from UNESCO Office Jakarta.

The opening ceremony was opened by UNESCO’s introductory speech about the objectives of the jam workshop and the progress of the ceramic workshop to date, which was followed by a speech from Ms. Endang Ariyantini, the Head of Cooperation and Information Section of the Tourism and Culture Office of Magelang Regency. In her remarks, Ms. Endang Ariyantini thanked the Australian Government and UNESCO for their commitment in building a better future for the people of Borobudur through the development of creative local industries to support the expansion of sustainable tourism around Borobudur. The speech then followed by brief remarks from Mr. Sudhief Hartasa from Industry, Trade, Cooperation and Small Medium Enterprises Office of Magelang Regency, in which he explained the process of UNESCO’s initiative to empower the local community in Borobudur and hoped that the similar project will be developed in other villages in Borobudur. The workshop was officially opened by Mr. Sudhief Hartasa by giving the workshop kit to the jam workshop participants.

The jam production workshop gave the participants an opportunity to learn how to use local fruits for creative new sustainable jam products that can be marketed to tourists. The UNESCO gallery will be used for the trained local women to produce locally made organic jam for their sustainable income generation.

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