04.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Join Sandwatch!

Everyone can join Sandwatch! Sandwatch is easy to implement, flexible, and low cost. Sandwatch activities can take many forms: measuring the length of beach or height of waves, to mangrove re-planting, from making posters to creating a drama. Sandwatch methodologies can be carried out as an extra-curricular activity or be integrated into school curriculum.

Sandwatch provides opportunities for students to learn to share information and, even more importantly, to listen to others. They learn to appreciate the principles of environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship by working for the benefit of the community rather than their own personal advantage. They also learn to understand the benefits that can be derived from sound scientific monitoring, which can often be rather repetitive. Finally, through Sandwatch, students can also develop a sense of caring for the environment and the world arout us.

If your school is located nearby a beach anywhere in Southeast Asia and you are interested to implement Sandwatch activities, please contact us! UNESCO Office Jakarta can help facilitate the implementation of Sandwatch in your school by providing advice, flyers, manual and link to the global Sandwatch network where you and your students can share and discuss anything related to Sandwatch implementation with other Sandwatchers around the world.

Let’s work with our coastal environment and be part of global Sandwatchers!

For more information about Sandwatch in Indonesia and Timor Leste, click here

For more information about this initiative, please contact Ms. Lisa Hiwasaki at l.hiwasaki@unesco.org

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