10.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Launching of MATRESK SALON in the Community Learning Centre of Kraras in Viqueque Vila Sub-District in Viqueque, Timor-Leste

The historical village of Kraras in Viqueque district saw the first salon launched today in the Community Learning Centre of Kraras in Bibleo, Viqueque Vila Sub-District in the district of Viqueque. The Director of the National Directorate for Recurrent Education, Mr. Filomeno Lourdes dos Reis Belo officially launched the MATRESK SALON of the Kraras Community Learning Centre accompanied by the Viqueque District Education Director, Mr. Daniel Sarmento Soares; with the presence of Mr. Remegio Alquitran, UNESCO CapEFA Consultant representing Mr. Anwar Alsaid, Chief of Education Unit of UNESCO Jakarta; and the District and Sub-District Coordinators of the Recurrent Education in Viqueque District. In attendance also during the launch are the Village Chief, Mr. Jose Marques Amaral and his local authorities with members of the CLC and the community of Kraras present to see the first beauty salon established in the area.

The MATRESK SALON launching/inauguration which is timed within the two-week life-skill training on hair cutting and beauty salon is part of the intervention of UNESCO Jakarta Office within the framework of its CapEFA Project in Timor-Leste in building the capacity of the  Community Learning Centre (CLC) Programme of the National Directorate for Recurrent Education of the Ministry of Education. UNESCO is a major and key development partner of the National Directorate for Recurrent Education supporting its CLC programmes and building the capacity of the National Directorate in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of recurrent education programmes in the Ministry of Education. The launching is a way of socializing and promoting the salon as an income generating activity within the community and neighboring villages in the district as another resource/livelihood generating activity of the CLC,  providing its members and the local population access to the services of the salon and likewise generate income for the CLC members. Further, it provides opportunity to members of the CLC to actively participate and support the hair and beauty salon to function well in serving the community people. The name MATRESK for the salon of CLC Kraras is historically significant since it is a tribute to the survivors of the 24 years of conflict in Timor-Leste which are now the local population of the area. The salon is basically intended for them who comprise the villages and the neighboring communities that have survived two decades of conflict.

The MATRESK Salon is officially opened by Director Filomeno Lourdes dos Reis Belo after a simple programme of speeches and brief remarks from key officials of the government and local authorities followed by the cutting of the ribbon. A photo session is undertaken with the 21 participants (16 females and 5 males) of the on-going training on hair cutting and beauty salon wearing a blue shirt uniform as the future experts and service providers and workers of the salon of the CLC in Kraras. Present in the launching as well are the two trainors from the Public Vocational Secondary School No. 4 of Mataram in Indonesia, Ms. Balgis and Ms. Ida Ayu Pt. Mukmini. While the salon is being launched inside the CLC, the training will continue for another week to complete the prepared life-skill training modules for the participants.

On behalf of the government of Timor-Leste through the Ministry of Education, Director Filomeno Lourdes dos Reis Belo conveyed his thanks and deep appreciation to UNESCO Office Jakarta for the continuing support in strengthening the CLCs in Timor-Leste. He stressed that the opportunity provided such as the training and the establishment of the salon complete with all the equipments and necessary tools and fixtures is a valuable investment to the CLC provided by UNESCO. He encouraged everyone specifically the participants of the training that they will maximize their time to learn and acquire the skills, not only for themselves but for the future of their families and children. The acquired skills are lifelong and their asset for their individual and family’s development that will eventually contribute to the development of their community. He further said, that this “salon will show to the people in Viqueque that anything can be done to help the people and it is possible since before, no one thinks that this will happen and can be realized. This salon is a tribute to the heroes of Kraras who want to see the place developed into a more productive and a transformed community.

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