05.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Life Skill Training on Hair and Beauty Salon in the Community Learning Centre in Kraras, Viqueque Vila Sub-District in Viqueque District

A total of twenty one (21) participants attended the life-skill training on hair and beauty salon currently conducted in a historical village of Kraras in Viqueque District. This two-week life-skill training is organized within the framework of the CapEFA Project in Timor-Leste of UNESCO Jakarta Office through its UNESCO Dili Antenna Office in partnership with the National Directorate for Recurrent Education (Non-Formal Education) of the Ministry of Education in Timor-Leste. The training commenced last 3rd of December 2012 and will be completed on 14th of December 2012 with a basic aim of providing opportunities for generating income to the members of the Community Learning Centre (CLC) based in Kraras in Viqueque district through the skills acquired.

Two trainors from the Public Vocational Secondary School No. 4 of Mataram in Indonesia, Ms. Balgis and Ms. Ida Ayu Pt. Mukmini were especially commissioned by UNESCO Jakarta Office to conduct the training to the community members of  CLC Kraras teaching the participants in developing  skills on hair cutting and beauty enhancement techniques that will eventually make them into productive members with skills that can be used for their livelihood and  that the second objective was for them to be able to establish a hair and beauty salon in the CLC as a new livelihood activity of the CLC to sustain the CLC.

The participants were provided with understanding and skills in three basic areas of the hair and beauty enhancement techniques such as: basic skills of hair cutting; hair treatment/cream bath; and facial care/make-up application skills. The methods of the training employed basic theories of the different skills in hair cutting and beauty enhancement techniques with inputs from the trainors; actual demonstration of the skills by the trainors; and actual practice by the participants following the modules developed by the trainors. The training is considered an intensive one considering that it is packaged for 12 days and majority of the sessions are actual demonstration and a lot of time spent in actual practice by the participants.

A simple opening ceremony for the training was organized with the attendance of the President of the CLC in Kraras, Mr. Martinho Amaral who served as the emcee of the programme and who also welcomed all the participants and the guests present during the opening programme. Providing support to the activity was the presence of the representative of the Chief of the village who provided brief remarks during the opening ceremony in the person of Mr. Horacio Gomes.  Likewise, the District Coordinator of the Recurrent Education of Viqueque District, Mr. Estevão Mascarenhas who also shared brief remarks by encouraging the participants to take full advantage of the training by maximizing their participation and learning. Mr. Raimundo Braz representing the National Directorate for Recurrent Education of MoE formally opened the training together with Mr. Remegio Alquitran, CapEFA Consultant, also representing Mr. Anwar Alsaid, the Chief of Education Unit of UNESCO Jakarta Office. The two trainors from Mataram provided also brief messages during the opening ceremony and were delighted to start teaching the participants.

The President of the CLC, Mr. Martinho Amaral intimated that the training on hair cutting and beauty salon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the members of the CLC and the community in general to be able to acquire new skills in order to help them become more productive. This is the first time that a training like this has been conducted in their village complete with equipments and materials. He also said that these life skills on hair cutting and beauty salon will help them earn income on their own using their acquired skills and he is very much thankful to UNESCO and the Ministry of Education through the National Directorate for Recurrent Education and is indeed very happy that these partners continue to help the CLC in Kraras. He said, “we are blessed and lucky to be one of the first 3 CLCs in Timor-Leste established under the programme of non-formal education of MoE, as we continue to receive support”. He said that majority of the participants are young people who have no opportunity to continue formal schooling as some of them are married already, the youngest being 15 years old and oldest being 42 years old. The training is an opportunity to continue learning.

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