21.05.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Life Skill Training on Roof Tile Production in Ililapa Community Learning Centre in Los Palos, Timor Leste

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Under activities funded by Regular Programme (RP) of UNESCO Jakarta Office in providing opportunities for generating income to the members of the Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Ililapa, Los Palos, Lautem district, a life skill training on roof tiles production is currently being conducted that commenced last 15 May 2013 and will be finished on the 2nd of June 2013. The training is organized by UNESCO Office Jakarta through its CapEFA Team in Dili in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in particular, the National Directorate of Recurrent Education. Twenty two (22) participants attended the training comprising of 20 representatives from the CLC members in Ililapa and two from national office of National Directorate of Recurrent Education.

The training is aimed at developing life-skills of community members to be able to use for generating income within the community and neighboring villages in the district and also as a resource (income) generating activity of the CLC for the local population to actively participate and support this roof tile production activity to function well in serving the community people in the village of Ililapa. This roof tile production project will in turn make them active members of the Community Learning Centre who can generate income for themselves and contribute to the sustainability of the CLC as a catalyst for change reflecting its role as an agent to build the capacities of the community members in the Community Learning Centre.

The roof tiles production training was officially opened by Director of the National Directorate of Recurrent Education, Mr. Filomeno Lourdes Dos Reis Belo, and Ms. Rusyda Djamhur representing UNESCO Office Jakarta. During her opening speech, Ms. Rusyda addressed her special thanks to the three trainers, Mr. Sai, Mr. Solihin, and Mr. Saharuddin from the Public Vocational Secondary School of Mataram, NTT, Indonesia for sharing their expertise and knowledge to the participants on how to produce roof tiles. The 3 trainers are excellent trainers from Mataram Vocational School (SMK 3)  to help community members in the CLC as well as the two staff from the National Directorate of Recurrent Education to be able to produce roof tiles from cement such as “mawar” roof as the first roof products introduced in Timor Leste. This training will not only be able to train the participants to produce some types of roofing materials but they will also be guided to install the roof tile products and how to sell them to the community.  Ms. Rusyda expects that the community members of the CLC can generate income through the acquired skills on roof tile production and being able to serve the community around the CLC who need durable roofing material for their houses and this will in turn sustain the activities within the community learning centre. Through these acquired skills, the participants can work in the private sectors, entrepreneurship outlets, and provide services in the CLC to the community at a modest charge. She finally reminded the members of the CLC that the roof tile production project is for the community members already available in the CLC and ready to serve and provide some types of roofing materials from cement in Ililapa. It is therefore expected that the community members will be responsible for sustaining this income generating activity for the better functioning of the CLC, reflecting its mission of building capacity on Education for All in Timor-Leste.  

On behalf of the government of Timor-Leste through the Ministry of Education, Mr. Filomeno Lourdes dos Reis Belo, the Director of the National Directorate of Recurrent Education conveyed his thanks and deep appreciation to UNESCO Office Jakarta for the continuing support in strengthening the CLCs in Timor-Leste. He said that the “roof tile production is one of the promising income generating activity in the CLC as seen in the  training on roof tile production and is the first one introduced in Timor Leste, so that he emphasized that the CLC is the pioneer in the roof tile production in the whole Timor Leste”.  He also admired the three trainers from Mataram, NTT, Indonesia for their roof tile production skills to be transferred to the community members in Ililapa and the other two staff from NDRE for them to be able to generate income for the betterment of their economic life and the better sustainability of the CLC.

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