08.10.2018 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Malaysian and Timorese Archivists Discuss Documentary Heritage Preservation in Dili

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Experts from the National Archives of Malaysia came to Timor-Leste for a four-day technical visit to the National Archives of Timor-Leste and the CHEGA! Center in Dili from 2 to 5 October.

The technical visit focused on the areas of archival data management as well as digitalization of fragile documents. Three Malaysian experts included Mr. Shaidin bin Shafie, Director of Records Management Division, Mr. Jaafar Sidek bin Abdul Rahman, Director of Planning and Coordination Division, and Mr. Afham Jauhari bin Aldi, Archives Officer of the Special Research Section spent two days in each of the memory institutions examining the archives as well as the providing technical recommendations for their counterparts.

The host institutions provided access to the experts to have a first-hand look at their respective collections.  The experts examined the various documentary heritage housed the two institutions including survivors’ testimonies, official gazettes, maps, photographs, charts, administrative notes, and even birth certificates.

The National Archives of Timor-Leste is responsible for promoting the recovery and reconstitution of documents by establishing and developing the historical archive of the country whereas the CHEGA! Center holds a rich documentary heritage relating to the period of Indonesian occupation 1974-1999, in particular, the records from the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor.

On the last day of the visit, the Embassy of Malaysia in Timor-Leste hosted a dinner for the experts from the National Archives of Malaysia. Newly appointed Ambassador to Timor-Leste H.E. Ms. Sarinah Akbar who hosted the dinner said: “we should encourage these form of South-South collaborations between nations”.

UNESCO has been supporting the preservation of documentary heritage in Timor-Leste and Southeast Asia in particular through its Memory of the World programme.

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