28.09.2017 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

New State of Digital Report in Asia Pacific Released

International Day for Universal Access to Information

In celebration of the 2017 International Day for Universal Access to Information, Kepios.com released a new report on the state of digital penetration in the Asia and Pacific region.

The new report showed that there is a healthy growth in digital connectivity in the region. According to the report, there is an eight percent increase in regional Internet penetration rate compared to previous year, to reach 47 percent in the region. This represents approximately 1.94 billion Internet users. Encouragingly, more than 140 million people came online for the first time in Asia Pacific region since 2016 with Indonesia alone accounting for 45 million of these new users.

Social media users have also experienced a 17 percent increase to reach 40 percent penetration rate in the region representing 1.67 billion active users. Out of this number, the vast majority of social media users are accessing it via mobile devices. 

The report also highlighted a long observed trend of fewer self-identified female users on social media than self-identified male users. In some countries, female users constitute no more than 25% total users on social media platform Facebook. Nevertheless, the report noted that this could be due to some female users deliberately “mis-represent” their gender online to avoid gender-related harassment. 

The report further predicted that with the steadily falling costs of smartphones and mobile data, mobile connectivity will be within the reach of even more people in the coming year.

The 2017 State of Digital in Asia Pacific report can be accessed at Kepios dedicated webpage.

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